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About us <3

About us <3

We will soon start to hike Gröna Bandet / The Green Ribbon a trip we have been wanting to do for years. To hike the Green Ribbon, a trail through the Swedish mountains or fjällen of 1300km, is not just something you do. Hubbe has dreamt about it for years and Saskia loves outdoor adventures. How could she say no. We want to live our dreams completely. Why? Because we only have one life!

We, Hubbe an avid vegan for 15 years and Saskia a relatively new explorer in the field of complete plant based living, are out for adventure. Looking for ways to experience life. Live life to the fullest. With that longing it brought us to the question: What does “live life” mean to us? How do we want our life together to look like? What are we passionate about? How can we bring this into practice? and most of all how can we bring this together?

Questions over questions we could not find an answer to sitting inside and thinking of it. And oh boy we have tried… 😉 So we decided to start experiencing it: by going on adventures. Picking out the things that fill us up and then do more of that. Leaving the things behind that make us feel trapped.

To start somewhere, keep us on track, focused, while keep learning and growing as we go; we decided to create this blog. To experiment, to share and be fully honest with you and us. To create a life that we want to live and we know that this site will inspire you to live your life fully <3 …let us know if it does 😉

Carl Houbaer AKA Hubbe:

A doer. A fighter. A person that lives his dreams fully. Yes I fall into a half lived life some times as well. When did it start? I actually don’t know. It has probably been there my whole life. Does it come from my parents, yes but not all of it. Did it comes from me being bullied at school, yes it totally helped that I didn’t let anyone step or sit on me and so on. Yes all that helped me go my own way. I believe I do it more than other people. I believe it if few people under 40 that have crossed the Atlantic in a sailing boat, had 2 companies. No university education and are playing rugby.

Saskia aka Sas:

A searcher. An explorer. Of the outside world and the one inside of me. Throughout the last years I’ve been around the world, on beaten paths and roads less traveled. Worked hard in corporate life to fit in and lived the backpacking life because I just couldn’t believe that this was it and life had more to offer. I now believe my truth lies somewhere in between those two. While trying to give the perfectionist in me the back seat, I’m learning to give feeling and intuition the lead. Letting inspiration and excitement be my guide while looking the fear of failure in the eye and then do it anyways….especially moving to a new country to be with a beautiful man who is so similar and oh so different 😉

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