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First post – first steps

First post – first steps

Hello everyone, we made it. The website is up and this is our first post. I can’t believe it. You might have heard it already in words from us we’re out for adventures. Vegan adventures 🙂 and we want to take you along. After months of being so close together 24/7, moving places, arguing, making up, laughing, crying and finding agreements after agreement, decisions after decisions….well life I guess, we were longing for a goal. A direction. Especially in these times of Corona. Where we felt a lot of stuck-ness. Now it feels we are finally making steps in the process of getting a grip on our lives and having a goal… and what is it? an adventure. We will hike the green ribbon/gröna bandet in a couple of weeks here in Sweden. It’s a 1300km trail from Grövelsjön in the middle of Sweden up to the point where three countries meet in Treriksröset (if the Corona Gods are with us and Norway opens its boarders to pass through). Yes you might think: How can you go out in these times where everybody is locked down. Well I won’t go into politics. That is for others to discuss about, but here in Sweden we are still able to move quite freely and we both believe being out in nature with our tent actually support a quarantine more than staying in the city.

So what is this about you might ask? What is this page? How do we do this? To be honest, we do not have a fixed idea. My mind longs for structure having it all figured out and presenting a perfect picture. I realized lately though also this is a process and all it needs is a start. So we will find out. What it is for now? It is play. It is try out. It is our place to find what we like to write about, if at all. What we like to share. It is our place to allow ourselves to make mistakes and it being ok with it. What we are curious about and what matters to us. To keep us accountable. To explore life and us. What do we need to grow. How do we want to grow and how can we do that consciously. It is somehow scary to share it so publicly and on the other side it might support or inspire some people to find their way. I’m curious to see where this will lead us. Life wise, relationship wise, body, mind and spirit wise. It is scary and the more I feel into it it’s also exciting. We’re starting with a beginners mind and a bit wobbly knees. I’m out for adventure. To experience life, to feel life and to be alive. One step at a time. Come and join us on this journey! Warm hugs and a big smile, Sas and Hubbe

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